Parlor Tricks

August 26, 2018

Get a sneak peak of our first recording, just before we go into the studio! You'll hear Haydn's "Surprise" Symphony in a contemporaneous arrangement for string quintet and flute, Joseph Martin Kraus's stunning flute quintet, and Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf's delightful duo for viola and double bass.

The Killer B’s

October 27-28 2018

If you enjoy music by the traditional Three B’s – Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms – you’ll love our wide-ranging program of chamber music by the Four B’s: Bach (one of Johann Sebastian’s sons), Beethoven, Boccherini, and Brahms. Featured works include Beethoven’s beloved Serenade for flute, violin, and viola, Brahms’s “Hymn in Veneration of the Great Joachim,” and Boccherini’s string quintet with double bass.


May 9 2019

One of the most common stories told in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century music is that of transformation – of themes developing during the course of a movement, of melodies transformed through a series of variations, of borrowings from composers repaid with musical interest, or of material taking on new meanings through recontextualization. In this program, we explore each version of this story through works spanning the late Baroque and Classical eras, from Corelli and Couperin through Haydn and Hummel.